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Chance photos or small collections not big enough for their own page.

Notes: Allen Airways Flying Museum is a private collection housed in a luxurious hangar complex at Gillespie Field. Willis M Allen has built up a large collection of aviation memorabilia, collected in various rooms containing medals, posters, trophies, flying helmets, machinery, and random memorabilia, along with an extensive library. There is a lounge bar and cinema, and he gave us a guided tour of the whole complex. Many thanks to him for allowing us in and talking us through his private wonderland!

Mojave Airport was a bit of a disappointment for us spotters. Security toured around, forbidding photography of anything "beyond the fence", which included delights such as Virgin Orbit's 747 Cosmic Girl, The OSC Stargazer TriStar, another Convair 990 and the rest of the boneyard. Still, there is a nice restaurant, and three aircraft at the gate, including the NASA 990.

Operator Aircraft Reg'n Thumbs Location/notes Date
Alaska Airlines Airbus A320/W N362VA Palm Springs International Airport 2/5/2019
Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-900ER N481AS Palm Springs 2/5/2019
Allen Airways Flying Museum Boeing N2S-3 Kaydet (B75N1) N3188 Gillespie Field, El Cajon. Ex USN 4269, N59127 1/5/2019
Allen Airways Flying Museum Cessna 210L N59105 Gillespie Field 1/5/2019
Allen Airways Flying Museum Ryan STM-2 (PT-22) N466WA (NX466WA) S-30 Gillespie Field. Dutch East Indies, ex Australian AF A50-18, VH-AGR, N2617W 1/5/2019
Allen Airways Flying Museum Stearman C3R Business Speedster NC794H (N794H) Gillespie Field 1/5/2019
Allen Airways Flying Museum Stearman Custom 450 N2S-3 Kaydet (B75N1) NC9039H (N9039H) Gillespie Field. Ex USN 7197 1/5/2019
Cal Fire Grumman (Marsh) S-2F3AT Turbo Tracker N431DF Tanker 78 Ramona Airport. Ex USN 149265, N504DF 1/5/2019
Cal Fire Grumman (Marsh) S-2F3AT Turbo Tracker N441DF (NR441DF) Tanker 100 Ramona Airport. Ex USN 152808, N517DF 1/5/2019
Cal Fire North American Rockwell OV-10A Bronco N415DF 460 Ramona Airport. Ex USMC 155427 1/5/2019
Delta Air Lines Boeing 737-800/W N3763D San Diego International Airport 29/4/2019
Delta Air Lines Boeing 737-900/W N894DN San Diego 29/4/2019
Delta Air Lines Boeing 757-300/W N589NW San Diego 29/4/2019
Kalitta Charters Gates Learjet 35A N298CK Palm Springs 2/5/2019
NASA Convair 990 N810NA NASA 810 Mojave Airport gate guard. Ex N5617, N710NA 6/5/2019
NASA McDonnell Douglas F/A-18A N842NA Lancaster Municipal Stadium, AKA The Hangar, home of the JetHawks baseballl team. 6/5/2019
National Test Pilot School Saab RF35 Draken N166TP AT-151 Mojave Airport gate guard. Ex Danish AF AR-119, N119XD (NX119XD) 6/5/2019
Pitty's BBQ Convair T-29A 50-0193 Pitty's BBQ cafe, Tulare. Ex N1184G 7/5/2019
Private Cessna 182P N182HW Ramona Airport 1/5/2019
Private MiG-17F (WSK-PZL Mielec LIM-5) N117JT 1301 red Ramona Airport. Ex Polish AF 1/5/2019
Private PZL TS-11 bis B Iskra 100 NX609A (N609A) Charles M. Schulz - Sonoma County Airport. Ex Polish AF 609 9/5/2019
Private Vans RV-6 N882G Ramona Airport 1/5/2019
Rotary Rocket Rotary Rocket Roton ATV (Atmospheric Test Vehicle) N990RR Mojave Airport. Lift-off by rocket, helicopter landing with rotor-tip jets. flown 3 times and now at the main entrance. The rotor head is at Classic Rotors Museum. 6/5/2019
Scaled Composites Scaled Composites SpaceShipOne replica 'N328KF' Mojave Airport. In its own special building next to the Roton (which SC also built). 6/5/2019
Skywest Airlines Embraer 175LR N405SY San Diego. Alaska Airlines livery 29/4/2019
Sonoma County Airport     Charles M. Schulz - Sonoma County Airport, named for the Peanuts cartoon author. Sculpture of Charlie Brown and Linus at the terminal. 9/5/2019
Terminal and control tower     Mojave Airport 6/5/2019
United Airlines Boeing 737-900/W N68452 San Diego Air & Space Museum 30/4/2019
Unmarked BAC One-Eleven 400 N101PC Castle Airport. Ex N5031, N5LC, N111FL, N401SK 7/5/2019
Unmarked Boeing 737-200 N464AT Castle Airport. Its long history includes Maersk, TAAG Angola, Air Europe and AirTran. 7/5/2019
Unmarked Lockheed C-130A Hercules N466TM (NR466TM NX466TM) Castle Airport. Ex USAF 57-0466, Tanker 64 7/5/2019
Unmarked McDonnell EF-4C Phantom II 64-0741 Mojave Airport gate guard. Ex NX403FS (N403FS) 6/5/2019
USAF Boeing C-17A Globemaster III 02-1109 March ARB 2/5/2019
USN Douglas A-4D Skyhawk 142200 NH-312 Alameda - outside the now closed Naval Air Station. Possibly false markings. 9/5/2019
USN Lockheed DC-130A Hercules 0461 Castle Airport. Rare drone-carrier and controller aircraft. Ex USAF 57-0461 7/5/2019
USN Vought A-7B Corsair II 154362 ND-400 Alameda - outside the now closed NAS. 9/5/2019
WestJet Boeing 737-800/W C-GWSR Palm Springs 2/5/2019

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