Accesskeys allow computer users to use the keyboard for page navigation rather than using the mouse. These are set up by the website, and are in addition to the standard navigation keys provided by the web browser.

My photo pages support the following Accesskeys:

n - next page
p - previous page

and almost all pages (photos and menus) support these:

u - up a level - go to the next higher level page
h - go to the photos home page with the search box

Check your browser's Help pages for how to use these. For example:

Firefox for Windows uses Alt-Shift for AccessKeys so that Alt-Shift-n will take you to the next photo.

Firefox for Macs uses Control-Opt.

Chrome uses Alt or sometimes Alt-Shift for AccessKeys so that Alt-n will take you to the next photo.

Microsoft Edge just uses Alt, so that Alt-n will go to the next photo. In some circumstances Alt-Shift might be needed.

There is a more complete list in Wikepedia. Click here to go to it in a new tab.

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