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US Alaska Tour, May 2022

A trip planned for 2020 finally happened! With relatively few road or rail links, and an abundance of spectacular mountain ranges, Alaska is a state held together by aviation, and airstrips and seaplane bases abound. Anyone wanting or needing to travel seems to do it by air, and private aircraft and air taxis are plentiful. They are hard-working aircraft, with few 'show planes'. and being so common, aviation enthusiasts like our group seem somewhat odd - like car-spotters photographing all the vehicles at motorway services.

Many local people seeing our long-lensed cameras at seaplane bases assumed we were bird-watchers, and their very friendly demeanour meant that we were often stopped and informed of a rare bird just round the corner. They were quite bemused when told that we were there for the aircraft.

There are over 1,800 photos here, of over 1,000 aircraft, with large quantities of Cessnas and Pipers, plus quite a few propliners, Beavers and Otters. If you want more shots of any particular plane, I may have them, and if you want higher res images, I have got them. Just email me!

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