Interesting aircraft - pre 1952

Note: except where noted, all photos on this page are Copyright (C) EJ Riding, used by kind permission of Richard Riding.

Aircraft Reg'n Thumbs Notes
Arpin A-1 Pusher G-AFGB Registered in 1938, scrapped in 1946
Avro 701 Athena T.2 VW890 Prototype T.2 First flight 1/8/1948
Avro Tudor 8 VX195

With Rolls Royce Nene 4 engines. Made public appearances in 1948

Blackburn B-48 (YA-1 Firecrest) VF172

Made public appearances in 1948

Cierva Air Horse G-ALCV

Registered in 1948, crashed at Southampton Eastleigh on 13/6/1950 as VZ724

CLW Curlew G-ADYU Registered 9/1936, scrapped in 1948
Cunliffe-Owen Concordia G-AKBE

Registered in 1947, scrapped about a year later

GA Monospar ST25 Jubilee G-ADIV

Prototype: registered in 1935, crashed in Wigtown Bay 11/8/1936

Hirtenburg HS.9A G-AGAK Ex D-EDJH registered 20/11/1939, crashed 15/2/1958
Hordern-Richmond Autoplane G-AEOG

Registered 16/10/1936, scrapped during WW2

Junkers F13 G-EBZV

Registered in 1928, sold to Sweden as SE-AFW in 1937

Luton Martin Monoplane G-AEYY

Ex Clarke Cheetah Monoplane G-AAJK. Preserved

Planet Satellite G-ALOI

Registered 26/4/1949, broken up in 1958

Portsmouth Aerocar Major G-AGTG Registered in 1945, scrapped in 1950
Reid & Sigrist RS.1 Snargasher G-AEOD Registered 9/10/1936, scrapped in 1944

Shapley Kittiwake

G-AFRP Registered in 1939, crashed in 1946

Short SA.4 Sperrin

VX158 The first prototype, flown 10/8/1951
Short Sturgeon 1 RK787 First prototype, first flown 7/6/1946
Short Sturgeon 1 RK791 Second prototype, first flown in 1948
Short Sturgeon TT2 TS477 With wings folded
Sud Ouest S.O.30 Nene F-WAYB Pressurised French equivalent of the Nene Viking shown below, developed from the SO30 R Bretagne, and named Bellatrix, first flight was 15/3/1951. Photo from a Real Photographs of Southport postcard. Copyright unknown. Thanks to Chuck Maki
Vickers Nene Viking G-AJPH The world's first jet transport aircraft, first flown on 25/7/1948. Temporarily became VX856