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US California Tour, April/May 2019

Starting off in a rainy San Diego, we left the clouds behind until, 10 days later, we got to Santa Rosa and San Francisco. In between, we got to many wonderful aircraft museums and interesting airports, plus the Chino Airshow.

Note on California Fire aircraft. Cal Fire is the common name for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, previously abbreviated to CDF, and most of their aircraft have N-numbers ending with DF. We visited their bases at various airfields, and with the main fire season yet to arrive, their crews were very happy to show us around and give us access to their aircraft and hangars - many thanks to them all. Their old aircraft are also at several of the museums we visited. We also came across aircraft of the US Forest Service and several fire attack contractors, so firefighting aircraft were quite a theme on this trip.

There are over 2,600 photos here, of over 950 aircraft. If you want more shots of any particular plane, I may have them, and if you want higher res images, I have got them. Just email me!


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