Newark Air Museum, UK, September 2014

On the edge of Winthorpe Airfield, a WW2 bomber field. Many planes are outside, and the two hangars are packed with aircraft squeezed in very tightly.

Some real rarities here, and the information boards are unobtrusive and highly informative.

Aircraft Reg'n Thumbs Notes
Aviasud Sirocco G-MNRT Foldable-wing French microlight first flown in 1982.
Avro Anson C19 VL348 G-AVVO With the wings of G-ALIH
Avro Ashton Mk2 fuselage WB491 All that remains of the six Avro 607 Ashton flying laboratories. Developed from the first British pressurised transport, the Tudor. This was mainly used as an engine testbed. Ex G-AJJW.
Avro Shackleton MR3-3 WR977 B Phase 3 Shacks had a Rolls Royce Viper turbojet in each outboard engine nacelle to assist takeoff.
Avro Vulcan B2 XM594  
BAC TSR2 cockpit   Built on production rigs, but never part of an actual aircraft and used for testing. On loan from Brooklands Museum
Bensen B8 gyrocopter G-ASNY  
Blackburn Beverley C1 cockpit XB261 Includes the navigation station behind the cockpit
Blackburn Buccaneer S1 XN964 118 One of only four S1s remaining
Bristol Sycamore III WT933 G-ALSW A&AEE trials aircraft
British Aerospace Sea Harrier FA.2 ZA176 R Famous for landing on a container on a Spanish freighter in 1983 after a communications problem
Cessna 310 G-APNJ Ex N36350 and EI-AJY
Clutton FRED Series 2 G-BJAD Eric Clutton's Flying Runabout Experimental Design. Can be towed behind a car at up to 70mph
Dassault Mystere IVA 83 8-MS French Air Force
de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk T10 WB624  
de Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth G-MAZY BAPC.21 False registration: May be a composite of G-AMBB/T9601 and DE156.
de Havilland DH.104 Dove G-AHRI The oldest surviving Dove. Ex 4X-ARI
de Havilland DH.110 Sea Vixen FAW.2 XJ560 243 H  
de Havilland DH.112 Sea Venom FAW.21 WW217 351
de Havilland DH.112 Venom NF.3 WX905  
de Havilland DH.114 Heron 1B G-ANXB Scottish Airways markings. Whole flying career (1955-73) was with BEA in Glasgow on islands flights, often as an air ambulance.
de Havilland DH.115 Vampire T.11 XD593  
Douglas C-47A Dakota Mk3 (DC-3) ZA947 The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF) Dak made an unannounced low pass during my visit.
Eipper Quicksilver MX G-MJDW Bob Eipper's classic ultralight kit developed from the 1972 Lovejoy Quick, the MX first flew in 1981.
English Electric Canberra B.2 (Mod) WV787 Spent its career as a testbed with Armstrong Whitworth, A&AEE Boscombe Down and Ferranti.
English Electric Canberra PR.7 WH791 Spent a lot of time in the far east and 26 years as gate guard at RAF Cottesmore.
English Electric Canberra T.19 WH904 As a B.2, took part in Suez crisis operations. Later modified to T.11 and T.19.
English Electric Lightning T.5 XS417 DZ
Fairey Gannet AEW.3 XP226  
Folland Gnat T.1 XR534 65
General Aircraft Monospar ST-12 VH-UTH Operated with airlines in Australia from 1936 to 1961. Britain's only Monospar, and the world's only remaining ST-12 of 10 built, being restored. Monospar wings are light, strong, internally wire-braced affairs. Note: restoration was completed by October 2021.
Gloster Javelin FAW.8 XH992 P
Gloster Meteor FR.9 (Mod) VZ608 Rolls-Royce engine test aircraft. The extended nacelles were for Derwent afterburner tests. Later, for the Short SC.1 VTOL program, a vertically-mounted RB108 lift engine was fitted behind the cockpit, with a retractable intake scoop above, and an exhaust hole below. In-flight engine runs were successful.
Gloster (Armstrong Whitworth) Meteor NF.12 WS692 C
Gloster (Armstrong Whitworth) Meteor NF(T).14 WS739 Converted in 1958 from a night fighter to a navigation trainer.
Gloster Meteor T.7 VZ634 Conversion trainer
Handley Page Hastings T.5 TG517 As a C.1, took part in the Berlin Airlift. Ventral dome houses radar bomb-sight equipment fitted when converted to a T.5. The four fish represent Icelandic Cod War patrols.
Handley Page (Scottish Aviation) Jetstream T.1 XX492  
Handley Page Victor K.2 cockpit   A Redifon simulator/procedures trainer diverted from the Victor production line.
Hawker Hunter F.1 WT651 C
Hawker Hunter T.7 XL618 Arrived in June from Caernarfon Air World. In 2016 moved to Gutersloh, Germany for restoration.
Hawker (Armstrong Whitworth) Sea Hawk FB.3 WM913 456
Hunting Jet Provost T.3A XM383 90
Lee Richards Annular Biplane replica BAPC.20 Non-flying replica built for Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines. Based on the Kitchen circular biplane produced in Heysham, Lancashire in 1910 and successfully refined by Lee and Richards.
Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star 51-9036 USAF livery, ex French Air Force, retired in 1978
Luscombe P3 Rattler Strike G-BKPG No relation to the US company, this was designed by Pat Luscombe and first flew at Lympne Airport, Kent in 1983. No production ensued. Developed from the Vitality 2-seater G-MMIC which I don't think flew.
Maxair Hummer G-MJCF US design first flown in 1978.
MBA Tiger Cub 440 G-MBUE UK company Micro Biplane Aviation's folding wing microlight designed in the early '80s. This is the prototype.
Mignet HM14 Flying Flea BAPC.43 First flew in 1938
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23ML Flogger Red 458 Ex Russian Air Force, but in Polish markings.
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-27K Flogger Red 71 Russian Air Force
Morane-Saulnier MS880B Rallye G-BFTZ Ex F-BPAX
North American F-100D Super Sabre 54-2223 Ex French Air Force
Percival Prentice T.1 VR249 FA-EL After RAF service, became G-APIY.
Percival Provost T.1 WV606 PB F
Saab 91B-2 Safir 56321 Norwegian Air Force 321. Has probably never worn its UK registration of G-BKPY.
Saab RF-35 Draken AR-107 Danish Air Force
Saab AJSH-37 Viggen 373918 57-21 Swedish Air Force
Saunders Roe Skeeter AOP.12 XL764  
Scottish Aviation Bulldog T.1 XX634  
Sepecat Jaguar T.2A XX829 GZ
Sud-Aviation SA341 Gazelle F-ZWRI XW276 Westland development aircraft, it's never seen military service, but has been displayed at several British museums before coming to Newark.
Supermarine Swift FR.5 WK277 N Converted from an F.4 to an FR.5
Taylor JT-1 Monoplane G-APRT John Taylor's prototype of the first English post-war homebuilt design - over 100 built, with 28 currently on the UK register.
Vickers Varsity T.1 WF369 F The ventral pannier was for the bomb-aimer's position and practice bombs.
Volmer VJ-24W SunFun G-MBBZ  
Ward Gnome   Uncompleted (yet) example of the UK's smallest piloted aeroplane. Only one other example has flown.
Westland Sioux AH.1 (Bell 47) XT200 F
Westland Wessex HC.2 XV728 A
Westland Whirlwind HAS.7 XM685 PO-513 After retirement from the Royal Navy, was registered to Autair in 1971 as G-AYZJ.
Zurowski ZP1 BAPC.183 Homebuilt original design helicopter only ever did ground runs.