Privacy policy

First I have to apologise for the annoying 'privacy' consent form that Google has put up to barricade my website. I think it may only apply to users in Europe — as yet I don't know about the rest of the world.

I guess Google uses cookies to help with the search box and to 'serve' the adverts, but that's up to them. So as long as I need Google to provide the search function, we'll just have to put up with it. If other companies were to take the same approach the internet would become totally unusable.

There is nowhere on my site for visitors to provide any information whatsoever, or for me to gather, collect, or analyse cookies, and there is nowhere on the site for me to me to gather, collect or analyse user data from the site.

I don't collect cookies. I have nothing to do with cookies. I have no idea how to create or send cookies, or what to do with them if I could. The nearest I get to collecting data is hit counters on most pages. The nearest I get to identifying users is that I encourage you to email me.

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