Lanseria International Airport

A large, busy airport with domestic airline service from a modern terminal, and plenty of GA action and lots of open hangars for our ramp tour. We visited on 21st September.

Country codes If, like me, you're not familiar with many African aircraft country codes, here's a decode of the ones on this page: 3C- Equatoral Guinea, 5R- Madagascar, 5Y-Kenya, 9G- Ghana, 9J- Zambia, D2- Angola, V5- Namibia, ZS- South Africa general, ZT-R-- South Africa type certified rotorcraft, ZU- South Africa non-type certified aircraft.

Aircraft Reg'n Thumbs Notes
Airbus Helicopters AS350-B3 ZT-RCO  
The Airplane Factory Sling 2 ZU-XYZ  
BAC 111-531FS One-Eleven ZS-NUG Nationwide Airlines. Ex TI-1084C, TI-LRF, TI-LRL, VR-CAB, G-AYWB, G-DJOS, EI-CCU.
BAE (Hawker Siddeley) HS-125-1A N942DS  
BAE (Hawker Siddeley) HS-125-3B-RA ZS-CAL  
BAE HS-125-700A ZS-IPE  
BAE HS-125-700A ZS-TBT  
Beech A36TC Bonanza ZS-LBA  
Beech 58 Baron ZS-AAS  
Beech 58 Baron ZS-LAX  
Beech 58 Baron ZS-OVB Awesome Aviation
Beech 58 Baron ZS-TBZ  
Beech 58 Baron ZS-VBV  
Beech 58P Pressurized Baron ZS-KML  
Beech T-42A Cochise (95-B55) N108JH  
Beech 65-A90 King Air ZS-EFC  
Beech C90 King Air ZS-DIX  
Beech C90 King Air ZS-MBZ Halsted Aviation Corporation
Beech C90B King Air ZS-FON  
Beech 200 King Air ZS-SDS  
Beech 200 Super King Air ZS-BHK  
Beech 200 Super King Air ZS-NBO  
Beech 200 Super King Air ZS-SSP MCC Aviation
Beech B200 King Air ZS-NKC  
Beech B200 Super King Air ZS-LFW  
Beech B200 Super King Air ZS-ODU Swift Flite Ltd
Beech B200 Super King Air ZS-SDS  
Beech B200 Super King Air ZS-SWR  
Beech B200 Super King Air ZS-TOB  
Beech B200 Super King ZS-LAW Swiftflite Charter
Beech (Raytheon) B200 King Air 5R-MGK  
Beech B200T Super King Air D2-ERO  
Beech B300 Super King Air 350i ZS-LAD Halsted Aviation Corporation
Beech B300 Super King Air 350 ZS-MPI  
Beech B300 Super King Air ZS-MMB  
Beech (Raytheon) B300 Super King Air 350 ZS-ZAZ  
Beech 1900C ZS-PCC Plett Air Connect. Ex N143YV, N143AM, J6-AAI, N152GA.
Beech 1900D 5Y-VVM Blue Bird Aviation ex N995WS, N61HA.
Beech 1900D N474LC Alpine Air Express, ex N74YV, ZS-OKM.
Beech 1900D ZS-CCL(?) Mahogany Air registration not verified.
Beech 1900D ZS-JCT Ex N881SK
Beech 1900D ZS-MMJ Ex N92SK
Beech Beechjet 400 ZS-ORW  
Beech Premier ZS-AAM  
Bell (Westland) 47G-3B-1 ZS-HGY  
Bell 206B JetRanger ZS-HSC  
Bell 407 ZS-ROB  
Bell 407 ZS-RZG  
Bell 407GX ZT-RMM MCC Aviation
Bell 430 ZS-RZA  
Boeing 737-800/W ZS-ZWD Kulula
Boeing 737-800/W ZS-ZWE Kulula
Boeing 737-800/W ZS-ZWF Kulula
Bombardier Challenger 350 ZS-JDL  
Bombardier Challenger 600 ZS-BGA  
Bombardier Challenger 600 ZS-ISA  
Bombardier Challenger 600 ZS-YAG  
Bombardier Challenger 600S ZS-TCW  
Bombardier Challenger 601 ZS-ANZ  
Bombardier Challenger 601 ZS-KEN  
Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 D2-EUP Heli Malongo Airways. This became C-FFQF, an airtanker with Conair which I photographed in Alaska in 2022.
CASA CN-235-10 ZU-SOO  
Cessna 152 ZS-KSL  
Cessna 172B ZS-CPL  
Cessna 172L ZS-SYA  
Cessna 172M ZS-PXI  
Cessna 172N ZS-IRL  
Cessna 172N ZS-OHK  
Cessna 172N ZS-SPB  
Cessna 177RG Cardinal ZS-JTL  
Cessna 182 Skylane II ZS-KRF  
Cessna 182 ZS-APR  
Cessna 182S N184RD  
Cessna T182T ZS-AVI ZS-AVI  
Cessna 208B Grand Caravan ZS-SKY  
Cessna 208B Grand Caravan ZS-TBB  
Cessna (Textron) 208B Grand Caravan ZS-MGC MCC Aviation
Cessna 400 TT Corvalis ZS-SGF  
Cessna 402B Businessliner ZS-OFP MCC Aviation
Cessna 402C Businessliner ZS-NVE  
Cessna 402C ZS-LMY  
Cessna 402C ZS-MZZ  
Cessna 410 Conquest II ZS-JMA  
Cessna 500 Citation I ZS-PFG Rare Aviation South Africa (PTY) Ltd
Cessna 500 Citation I ZS-PXD  
Cessna 510 Citation Mustang ZS-DFI  
Cessna 510 Citation Mustang ZS-JIK  
Cessna 510 Citation Mustang ZS-MUS  
Cessna 550 Citation II ZS-NII  
Cessna 550 Citation II ZS-SUA  
Cessna 560 Citation Excel ZS-OHZ  
Cessna 560 Citation V ZS-NDX  
Cessna 560XL Citation Excel 5R-AHF  
Cessna 560XL Citation Excel 5R-HMR TOA Trans Ocean Airways
Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign D2-EPL  
Cessna P206B ZS-EZJ  
Cessna T206H Stationair TC ZS-AJW  
Cessna P210N Pressurised Centurion 9J-BCP  
Cirrus SR20 ZS-BOR  
Cirrus SR20 ZS-CCT  
Cirrus SR20 ZS-CPT  
Cirrus SR20 ZS-CTP  
Cirrus SR20 ZS-JAB  
Cirrus SR20 ZS-ZIP  
Cirrus SR22 ZS-ACA  
Cirrus SR22 ZS-AJP  
Cirrus SR22 ZS-BAJ  
Cirrus SR22 ZS-BET  
Cirrus SR22 ZS-CCE  
Cirrus SR22 ZS-CDA  
Cirrus SR22 ZS-CDC  
Cirrus SR22 ZS-CFN  
Cirrus SR22 ZS-CNM  
Cirrus SR22 ZS-CPG  
Cirrus SR22 ZS-CVT  
Cirrus SR22 ZS-JAA  
Cirrus SR22 ZS-MWA  
Cirrus SR22 ZS-PVD  
Cirrus SR22 ZS-SGB  
Cirrus SR22 ZS-SHW  
Cirrus SR22 ZS-SPR  
Cirrus SR22 ZS-SUZ  
Cirrus SR22T ZS-CLP National Airways Corporation
Cirrus SR22T ZS-ENG  
Control tower    
Czech Aircraft Works Sportcruiser ZU-MEW  
Dassault Falcon 10 ZS-FOX Awesome Aviation
Dassault Falcon 50 3C-LGE  
Dassault Falcon 50 ZS-LAC  
Dassault Falcon 50 ZS-MGS  
Dassault Falcon 2000EX ZS-SAB South African Breweries
De Havilland Canada DHC-8-100 ZS-THU Titan Helicopter Group - barely visible but interesting. Ex Canadian Armed Forces 142801, C-GJUZ, C-FASC.
Diamond DA-42 TDI ZS-SDW 31
DMI Engineering Falcon 402 ZU-SWL Rare South African modification of the twin-engined Cessna 402 with a single Walter M601B turboprop.
Embraer EMB-120ER Brasilia 9J-PKP Royal Air Charter
Embraer EMB-120ER Brasilia ZS-NKE Swift Flite. Ex SkyWest Airlines N226SW.
Embraer EMB-120ER Brasilia ZS-SOB Ex South African Express.
Embraer EMB-135BJ Legacy VQ-BFP China Sonangol International (SonAir) operated by Planair. (VQ-B-- is Bermuda)
Embraer ERJ-135ER V5-ANG Air Namibia. Ex Air France F-GOHE.
Embraer ERJ-135LR N704PG Ex American Eagle.
Embraer Phenom 100 ZS-STS  
Enstrom 280C Shark ZS-HWS  
Fokker F-28-4000 Fellowship ZS-JES AirQuairius Aviation. Scrapping candidate.
Grumman Gulfstream II ZS-JGC  
Grumman Gulfstream II ZS-MMG  
Grumman Gulfstream II ZS-TEX  
Grumman Gulfstream II-SP ZS-PYY  
Gulfstream Commander 695A Jetprop 1000 ZS-KZZ  
Gulfstream II ZS-LAH  
Gulfstream II ZS-VIP  
Gulfstream III ZS-LUX  
Gulfstream III ZS-TEX  
Hawker Beechcraft HS-125-700A ZS-SOI  
Hawker 800XP ZS-MNU  
Hawker (Raytheon) 800XP ZS-DAD  
Hawker (Raytheon) 800XP ZS-ZIM  
Hawker Beechcraft 4000 ZS-LOT  
Hawker Hunter T68 ZU-HUN Ex RAF XF951 and Swiss AF J-4202
Learjet 25C ZS-NYG  
Learjet 31A V5-TUC Trustco Air Services
Learjet (Gates) 35A ZS-ARA Awesome Aviation
Learjet 45 N743TT  
Learjet 45 ZS-CVU  
Learjet 45 ZS-LRJ  
Learjet 45 ZS-SGU  
Learjet 45 ZS-TJS  
Learjet 60 ZS-TEJ  
Lockheed Jetstar II 9G-ABF Awaiting scrapping. Ex N5543L, N108G, N814CE, N500EX, N504EX, N1MJ.
MXR MX2 N540MX Team Xtreme
Partenavia P68C-TC ZS-PBR  
Pilatus PC-12 ZS-NYM  
Pilatus PC-12 ZS-THJ  
Pilatus PC-12-45 ZS-OFD  
Pilatus PC-12-47E ZS-PZA  
Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser N4057M National Airways Corporation
Piper PA-22-160 Pacer N3043Z  
Piper PA-28-235 Cherokee Pathfinder ZS-LEA  
Piper PA-31-350 Panther III Chieftain ZS-NDN  
Piper PA-34-200T Seneca II ZS-JUH  
Piper PA-46-350P Malibu Mirage ZS-NDR National Airways Corporation
Robinson R22 Beta ZS-HTH  
Robinson R22 Beta ZS-RBF  
Robinson R44 Astro ZS-RHR  
Robinson R44 Raven II ZS-RHB  
Robinson R44 Raven II ZS-RLR  
Rockwell Commander 690A Turbo ZS-PXR  
Rockwell Commander 690A ZS-JRB South African Weather Service
Ted Smith Aerostar 601B N3777B  
Vans RV-7A ZU-IGC  
XtremeAir XA-41 Sbach 300 ZU-XAX Team Xtreme

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