National Museum of the US Air Force, Dayton, Ohio

An amazing set of four enormous halls packed with interesting and exotic aircraft, excellently presented, and very popular. The fourth and latest hall had opened only a few weeks before our visit, and houses aircraft that were previously awkward to access, across the airfield.

Unfortunately the place is a nightmare for photography - the three older halls are extremely moody (equals dark) with dramatic spotlighting, and some aircraft are so closely packed that they are impossible to photograph, and are therefore very poorly represented on the internet - I have generally included photos even of these - the quality of some of them is awful, but I think they're better than nothing.

The new fourth hall has much brighter LED lighting, but even so, serious photographers should probably take a decent flashgun, and should definitely take a tripod (unusually, the Museum has no objection to either) for use in all the halls. Sadly, I couldn't pack my tripod...

There are three pages of photos here, arranged in order of aircraft names.