WACO Air Museum, Troy, Ohio

The WACO Historical Society opened the "Historic WACO Field" north of Dayton in 1997, and it now has a busy, fascinating little museum dedicated to the products of the Weaver Aircraft Company of Ohio. In the late 1920s WACO was the largest producer of civil aircraft in the world.

By the way - the folks there insist that the pronunciation of WACO is as in water, ie "Wawe-co", not to be confused with Waco, Texas which is pronounced "Way-co".

Aircraft Reg'n Thumbs Notes
Waco 4 replica N1921V 1921 - Waco's first multi-passenger aircraft, with three seats in the front cockpit.
Waco 9 NC116 (N116) 1925 three-seater and Waco's first mass-produced aircraft, with around 250 built.
Waco 10 (GXE) N4899 1927 three-seater, a development of the Model 9, and Waco's most popular model, over 1200 built when production ended in 1931.
Waco ATO NR13918 (N13918) Model 10 taperwing variant with a Wright J-5 engine.
Waco Cootie replica N920W 1920 single-seater, originally with wing-warping. I don't know if the original was converted to ailerons, but this replica has them.
Waco NAZ Primary Glider   1930 training glider, with about 300 built.
Waco UMF N14041 The F series started in 1930. This model had a 210hp Continental R-670A engine.

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